Calum Scott - No Matter What

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Director: Ozzie Pullin
Producer: Molly McGregor
Director of Photography: David Foulkes
Editor: Sam Bould @ Cut & Run
Production Company: Partizan
Colour: Jonny Thorpe @ Glassworks
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Music video by Calum Scott performing No Matter What. © 2018 Capitol Records

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Thalia Thlia
Thalia Thlia Vor 6 Stunden
I'm so crying here this song and see this video I'm chi from Malaysia all about mother and child
Nisha Sasidharan
Nisha Sasidharan Vor 6 Stunden
U have the power to bring people to tears with your music ....u are truly gifted...
MarcoIsDaName Vor 6 Stunden
This is EVERYTHING!! I relate so much Thank you for this ❤️❤️❤️😭😭
iLife bless
iLife bless Vor 7 Stunden
My parents want to take me to church so I can have salvation, but I already feel in hell.
매이🍀 Vor 7 Stunden
It’s so wonderful to watch him perform this song live in his tour. ☺️🍀
Musafa Rafi
Musafa Rafi Vor 7 Stunden
Illiyin Frizki
Illiyin Frizki Vor 7 Stunden
My favorite song in 2018💞
Luis Rodrigo
Luis Rodrigo Vor 8 Stunden
Simplismente lindo 😢😢.
Shah Ruls
Shah Ruls Vor 8 Stunden
Noe Mejía
Noe Mejía Vor 9 Stunden
This is my favorite video from calum! You are amazing person and we love you! God bless you! Calum I love you and I love your songs! 🏳️‍🌈😻😍
Official NaxDs
Official NaxDs Vor 9 Stunden
Juste Moi
Juste Moi Vor 9 Stunden
Je ne saurai jamais cet amour.
Smitty 1649
Smitty 1649 Vor 9 Stunden
New favourite song ❤️❤️❤️❤️ who’s with me?😂
Victoria Wells
Victoria Wells Vor 9 Stunden
Beautiful song and a very powerful message. A parent should always love their kids. No matter who their child grows to love. ❤
Carlie Holm
Carlie Holm Vor 10 Stunden
1:27 who dat hotty?
Donna Mansilla
Donna Mansilla Vor 11 Stunden
What a message, personalty I think we are huamns we should respect each other whatever be our sexuality , hey we should be more huamns, i respect all people are free to say who you are , don't give up in the life, life is hard but beutiful 💖
Rose -ssi
Rose -ssi Vor 11 Stunden
Jeff Vor 12 Stunden
Brings tears to my much pain in this world. Dude, I'm a 66 year old hedro, spent 21 year in the US Army. 82nd (twice) and various other units. My point is, It would have been a great honor to stand beside you and defend you against those who would oppress you and your beliefs. I consider myself a conservative, not really, but it's as close of a label that fits, so I go with it. What I don't like is hedonism in all of it's forms. Reading back over this I misspoke, it's not what you believe it's who you are. I'm guessing you didn't choose anymore than I did.
Kobby Kuntu-Blankson
Kobby Kuntu-Blankson Vor 12 Stunden
Wish I could like this a 1000 more times
Wulan project
Wulan project Vor 12 Stunden
This is such beautiful song 😍. Thanks
Sandra Darby
Sandra Darby Vor 12 Stunden
😥😥 amazing
adelguy67 Vor 12 Stunden
Love this!! the video takes me back 30 years ago when i told my father and his response was "What you are does not matter you are my son and my love for you is unconditional, no matter what! " he was proud to tell me he voted for marriage equality when that came through unfortunately though my mother does not share the same opinion :(
looly pop
looly pop Vor 13 Stunden
seem like that song -lost boy
ArdianZz Vor 13 Stunden
Your lucky if u still having both of that, a father and mother guy's 😭😭😭
Tadeu Nunes
Tadeu Nunes Vor 13 Stunden
Lindo e emocionante.
Shakael Charles
Shakael Charles Vor 13 Stunden
I think I really needed to hear this...I'm going through such a tough time now and this song wow
Ivanna Montella
Ivanna Montella Vor 13 Stunden
I love you soooo mutch Calumm
tyo danshi29
tyo danshi29 Vor 13 Stunden
I love you so much , from indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
ADVENTURE madness Vor 14 Stunden
love 💜💜
Sébè Allah Y'e
Sébè Allah Y'e Vor 14 Stunden
The only ones who will love me no matter what. My Mother 'N Father. Thanks Scott, thanks for reminding her to me
Rin Evans
Rin Evans Vor 14 Stunden
Dominika Król
Dominika Król Vor 15 Stunden
Woooow!😍 Beuatiful! I love your songs😍 I from Poland!💖
Avatar_611 Vor 15 Stunden
To anyone who disliked this song: how do you have the audacity to hate this song. It was such a beautiful song that it brought a tear to my eye. Anyone who hates this song needs to have a reality check because everything he said was on some real shit
David Peacock
David Peacock Vor 16 Stunden
Beautiful! I was fortunate to have the same loving parents.
JoJo Gaming
JoJo Gaming Vor 16 Stunden
I wish I could relate to this song.. when I came out to my mum as bi she pulled my hair and screamed in my face
Fabian .Dener
Fabian .Dener Vor 16 Stunden
Has to be said that from midway to the end of this song, I had a few tears run down my face. It is a mirror image of my life. Being alone, feeling worthless, upset and wondering why it is happening to me. Be proud of who you are and no matter what, know you are loved by at least someone. Beautiful song!
Alexandre Oliveira
Alexandre Oliveira Vor 16 Stunden
This song is so gay..OMG, save us ! :/
B B Vor 16 Stunden
Indeed! Gays still need to be protected from bullies, bigots and haters!
Bailey Henderson
Bailey Henderson Vor 17 Stunden
Buy Sears jcp papa Murphy's buy their products to shut amzn and other hyped up companies to make too much money
alejandro estrada
alejandro estrada Vor 17 Stunden
This song is amazing 💖
Syafiqah Aqilah
Syafiqah Aqilah Vor 17 Stunden
This song makes me cry :’(
MoonfallX Vor 17 Stunden
Damn this hit me ;c.
Christos Papadopoulos
Christos Papadopoulos Vor 17 Stunden
Rufaro C
Rufaro C Vor 17 Stunden
Woah wait, were did these tears come from!? Why am I crying rn? 😭
wali raza
wali raza Vor 17 Stunden
My mother passed of pulmonary hyper tension. And I'm 13 .I don't cry bcz a strange feeling makes me feel her presence but then suddenly I realize she's no more .just a chain of this cycle.wish I could see her again
Rinie Indira
Rinie Indira Vor 17 Stunden
:") no matter what
Unstoppable plays
Unstoppable plays Vor 17 Stunden
i love my mum
Unstoppable plays
Unstoppable plays Vor 17 Stunden
im kiddin
Jxck.Jxrdan Vor 18 Stunden
Imagine if the teenage boy had an awesome instagram account: *cough* @_hypedcreps_ go follow me :)
Cydric Lopez
Cydric Lopez Vor 18 Stunden
Such a beautiful piece!
Apple Pie
Apple Pie Vor 18 Stunden
Remember me if anybody gets bullied.... I am gonna fuck their life up!! People who bully other are fucking gay's, come on be a fucking man fuckers.
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