Best Fight Scenes: Louis Fan

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Louis Fan Siu-Wong is a Hong Kong martial artist most recognizable as the northerner Jin Shanzhao in the film “Ip Man”, a master of the style of Kung Fu called Shaobeiquan. His performance won him a nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the 28th Hong Kong Film Awards. Besides portraying that same character again in “Ip Man 2”, he also played Ip Tin-chi in “The Legend is Born: Ip Man”. But many also attribute him to his starring role in the campy martial arts cult film “Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky”, a live-action movie adaptation of the manga of the same name, which came out over a decade before the first Ip Man film. Trained in Wushu and gymnastics, he is a talented martial artist and actor. Here's a compilation of my favorite Louis Fan fight scenes.
List of movies featured in order of appearance:
1. Ip Man
2. The Legend is Born: Ip Man
3. Kung Fu Jungle
4. Master of Zen
5. The Death Games
6. Shadow Mask (2001) (Alan Chan Yiu-Lun)
7. (outro) Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky
Other notable films/television series include Righting Wrongs, Immortal Story, Once a Cop, Connected Lovers, Butterfly Lovers, Kung Fu Chefs, Give Love, On His Majesty’s Secret Service, Just Another Pandora’s Box, Ip Man 2, Future X-Cops, Flirting Scholar 2, A Chinese Ghost Story, The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu, Wudang, The Monkey King, The Bounty Hunter, Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils, Bodyguards and Assassins, and The Bride with White Hair.

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Rocky Dang
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Louis fan defeated everyone but ip man because they were all traditionalist fighter , they are too predictable because they only know one stance
3dil salama
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惡個譯睇民間民蒽空穴來風女角*منوعة وممتعة مقاطعك و قناتك تخبل* ومضمونها ابداع واتمنى لك كل النجاح و التقدم وهي أفضل تفاعل عندك لأنك رائع وارجو منك الاشترا||اك بقنا|||اتي ومنتظر تباا|•||دلل الاشترا|ا|ا|ك بقنا|||اتي * واستمر يا ❄ احل مصمم 🎆👏. ❄新界咯肉歐洲人吳的lo'l閔
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Thabiso Ngubane
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the very last short scene though lol lol ooooh lol
whatsgoingon07 Vor 2 Tage
He looks younger in Kung fu jungle (2014) than he does in ipman (2008)
Sanjay Tamang
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wow nice
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"Wo pay"
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4:23 Dad, Mum said if you don't START!?!?!? fighting everything in the house will be broken.
Simon Frederiksen
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3:05 - the way his lower body rises up during flight looks really weird
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松野れい Vor 6 Tage
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He looks awesome with a beard
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I think he is the Sean Bean of Hong Kong Martial Arts films. Sorry in advance..
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رائع جدا
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@1:49 nah irl that dude wouldve killed that dude, maybe they were just fighting with weapons but not to the death to avoid trouble with the law idk
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Ооо, я тут первый
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All these aint youtube videos, only yt vids are theirs
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He looks like Guava juice or roi
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*breaks the vase* I'll pay *breaks the glasses* I'll pay *breaks the whole house* I'll not pay
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One of the best fight ever
Anurag Aj
Anurag Aj Vor 8 Tage
The Legend is Born Ip Man is my favourite movie including all the 3 Ip Man movies,Donny Yen, Dennis To, Louis Fan, Buen Yiao, Sammo Hung, Max Zhang, Wu Jing my all time favourite fighters.
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Self killers DMC
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XNXX ok caramembabuatlupia
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Good :)
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Mom knows. 4:23 stop holding back and kick his ass back to wherever he's from. XD
Wonder777 Warrior
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He beat a woman.. the feminist won’t stand for this.. even though they all want equality... double standard 🤔
Wonder777 Warrior
Wonder777 Warrior Vor 10 Tage
The guy before ip man/ donnie wasn’t bad.. the guy just had too much power and flexibility and eventually overwhelmed him but he held his own.
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criss pacheco
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Nice fighter
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I guess you could say ... (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) ... everybody was Kung-Fu fighting!
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Jimmy Conway
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and yet none of them have met Chuck Norris or we would not be watching this
宇宙第一大苟或 Vor 12 Tage
Fan is a true fighter even in the real life
James Ma
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ilyasrasool ilyasrasool
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ilyas in a pakistan karachi sher shah but kun fou my
Kike Morales
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Is that you Manny Pacquiao? 5:10
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